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The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch

This compact, little pocket book – the first ever to feature the natural insect next to its matching artificial fly – arms the angler with all the information he needs to select the right fly from his flybox.

• Superb photographs of aquatic insects (larvae, pupae, adults)
  with the artificial flies positioned alongside them
• Times of hatching   
• The geographical distribution
• Whether it is a river fly or a lake fly, or both
• Life cycles of the insects
• Clues from the river and from the trout’s behaviour

Peter Lapsley contributes regularly to Flyfishing & Flytying and is author of several fishing books. He is a qualified national game angling instructor.

Dr Cyril Bennett is one of the UK’s leading entomologists, specialising in river insects. His photographs of insects – some never before captured on camera – add a unique element to this book.

Author: Peter Lapsley & Dr Cyril Bennett
ISBN: 978 1 906122 20 1
Published: April 2010
Format: 115 x 150
Binding: Paperback
No. of pages: 96
178 colour photographs
40 black & white illustrations
Price: £7.99

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The Pocket Guide to Matching the Hatch by Peter Lapsley & Dr Cyril Bennett

Press reviews

Reviewed in The Independent in March 2010

'It is truly a pleasure to browse through; a small gem of a book.'

Reviewed in Waterlog Online in April 2010

'This book is exactly the sort of thing I needed when I started fly fishing forty years ago.'

Reviewed in Irish Angler in April 2010

'It's the first book... ever to feature the natural insect next to its matching artificial fly. A handy book at a great price.'

Reviewed in Wild Trout Trust News in June 2010

'This book is a masterpiece of condensed detail set out in a most attractive and reader-friendly way. No words are wasted. The reader is taken straight to the essential information. It is described as a pocket guide and indeed it will slip comfortably into the pocket, but the amount of information contained therein could fill a much larger volume.'

Reviewed in The Flyfisher in August 2010

'The layout is well thought-out and easy to navigate. After only a quick browse, I felt immediately familiar with the organisation of the book and could find the information I wanted quickly. The photos are excellent. This is the book every fly fisherman has been waiting for. Although its meaty enough to be an interesting read, the book's achievement is that its clever delivery reduces the time you need to spend with it, leaving more time for fishing.'

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