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The Brewer's Tale

Memoirs of a Master Brewer

Born next-door to a pub in 1940, just in time for the Sheffield  Blitz, Frank Priestley went on to spend a life steeped in brewing, drinking and the enjoyment of beer.

From a young apprentice, he worked his way up to become a master brewer at the famous Castle Eden brewery. Frank shares with the reader his fascination for the way brewing is done, and he weaves in anecdotes about his diverse colleagues, his skilled working life and the unique beers that the individual breweries produced.  

His tale covers the years from 1959 to 1979 and he left when the traditional brewing industry in Britain reached one of its lowest ebbs. But Frank is now delighted to see the revival of interest in good beer and he ends the book with a brief round-up of  some of the best pubs in England where he has had the pleasure of drinking a pint.

Frank’s account of the fortunes of the British brewing industry over three critical decades is an important contribution to the history of our brewing heritage. His story is informative, lively and heart-warming.

Author: Frank Priestley
ISBN: 978 1 906122 17 1
Published: June 2010
Format: 216 x 138 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 160
25 black & white photographs
1 black & white paintings
5 black & white illustrations
Price: £10.00

The Brewer's Tale by Frank Priestley

Reader reviews

Reviewed by eric cooper in April 2012

Couldn't put it down!

Press reviews

Reviewed in Adrian Tierney Jones in March 2011

'It's fascinating stuff - a window into a different brewing world.'

Reviewed in This England Magazine in May 2011

'Fascinating insight into how good ale is made, and good-humoured anecdotes about characterful colleagues. No pub bore, this.'

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