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Angles on Fishing

Angles on Fishing is a limited edition published by E, Z and D Verlag, Switzerland. This edition is limited to 321 copies and each copy is numbered and signed by the author.

It is a book of inspiration for the thinking fisherman. It explores many of the topical issues at the heart of sport angling today, but in a light, intelligible and often humorous way.

What is the threat to angling posed by animal rights arguments; what have ethics to do with angling; is there a distinction between recreational and subsistence fishing, and does it matter? – all these subjects and many more are raised in a book which is full of beautiful and surprising illustrations, apposite poetry and quirky humour.

A far cry from the practical ‘how to’ angling books, this is both a wake-up call for those who complacently believe that fishing is safe and a celebration of all that is colourful and rich in the world of sport fishing.

Also available is a Special Perch and Leather edition limited to just 12 copies. Please see the Special Editions link on this website.

Author: Alexander Schwab
ISBN: 9783033024120
Published: August 2010
Format: 220 x 281 mm
Binding: Hardback
70 colour photographs
Price: £99.00

Angles on Fishing by Alexander Schwab

Press reviews

Reviewed in Waterlog Online in August 2010

'Nothing Alex writes ever resembles anything else anybody has ever written.'

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