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The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies pb

This is the most comprehensive Directory of salmon Flies ever published!

The fruit of 30 years’ research by renowned international flytying author, Chris Mann is now available in paperback. He corresponded with countless expert salmon fly tyers throughout the world – seeking out all their most popular and enduring salmon flies, adding these to all the classic patterns.

Over 1800 salmon and steelhead flies – each one illustrated in colour and with its full dressing provided – make this the definitive reference, the all-in-one volume for salmon anglers and flytyers throughout the world.

Chris Mann’s vibrant illustrations of the flies show them with a clarity, accuracy and consistency seldom achieved through photographs.

The flies are ordered alphabetically, making it easy for the reader to find the exact fly and to check the precise dressing. Mann gives a brief introduction to each fly, noting its originator when known and the reputation it has achieved. A full, cross-referencing Index is included.

So, when you next find yourself wondering what exactly a Cascade looks like, and whether there is something similar in your own box which will help you catch a salmon – then you will reach for this indispensable book.

Author: Chris Mann
Illustrator: Chris Mann
ISBN: 978 1 906122 45 4
Published: October 2008
Latest edition: April 2012
Format: 274 x 210 mm
Binding: Paperback
No. of pages: 480
1800 colour illustrations
Price: £20.00

The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies pb by Chris Mann

Press reviews

Reviewed in Belfast Newsletter in October 2008

'Once in a while along comes a book which merits all the superlatives one can think of. Such a book is The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon Flies: it is simply a unique and beautiful work of art.'

Reviewed in Fishandfly in October 2008

'Even if you don't fish for salmon but instead enjoy tying flies, this book would certainly make a great reference addition to your library.'

Reviewed in Waterlog Online in October 2008

'I can't think of many other books illustrate 1800 patterns.'

Reviewed by Derek Evans of The Irish Times in December 2008

'An absolute masterpiece and is correctly billed as the most comprehensive directory of salmon flies ever published. This beautiful book enables the salmon-angler to identify and learn about salmon fly that was ever assembled. A must for the Christmas stocking.'

Reviewed in Flyfishing & Flytying Magazine in December 2008

'The sheer scope and ambition of the Directory is enormous and it works brilliantly. Honest, well-ordered information…. If you like salmon flies, if you fish for salmon and are seeking inspiration – treat yourself!'

Reviewed in Trout and Salmon in December 2008

'This is by far the most comprehensive directory of salmon flies ever published, with more than 1,800 patterns featured in its 468 pages. This is a first-class book for fishers and tyers and Chris Mann should be applauded for completing such a mammoth task for our delectation.'

Reviewed in Shooting Gazette in December 2008

'This is a serious work of love and knowledge. It’s a big book on a big topic and for the salmon fisherman it will be invaluable.'

Reviewed in Fieldsports in December 2008

'The ultimate collection. The body of work shown in this book is breathtaking in its breadth and imagination and beauty.'

Reviewed by Peter Lapsley of The Flyfisher in December 2008

Without doubt the most 'complete work' ever published on the subject. Superbly designed, printed on high quality paper, an eminently readable typeface and with the illustrations faithfully reproduced, it is a handsome volume. 

Reviewed in The Irish Angler in December 2008

Perhaps the most comprehensive directory of salmon flies ever.

Reviewed in Hatches Magazine in October 2009

'This is the most prolific directory of salmon and steelheaded flies ever published. From intimate full-dressed featherwing patterns, to bombers, to speys, to simple hairwings; this book has you covered for a lifetime of inspiration at the tying bench. The illustrations are breathtakingly realistic.'

Reviewed in Global Flyfisher in October 2009

It is indeed a very thorough directory of salmon flies. No salmon fly tyer should be without it. Don't hesitate to give this book as a gift. 

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