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The Flood

Surviving the Deluge

What is it like to experience a flood? The answers that Michael Brown comes up with are surprising.

His house was underwater for several weeks during the inundation of the Somerset Levels.

He decided to stay on through it, and he was amazed at the ensuing chain of events as he, along with his local community, first fought the water, pumping and sweeping and panicking – then came acceptance of the inevitable defeat, and finally there came an unexpected wealth of emotions as the waters – and the locals – had to settle into a strange and ultimately rewarding state of marooned calm.

This well-written series of highlights of Michael’s diary are very real: the account is funny, observant, honest and unpredictable.

Author: Michael Brown
ISBN: 978 1 910723 20 3
Published: September 2016
Format: 216 x 138 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 224
Price: £14.99

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The Flood by Michael Brown

Press reviews

Reviewed in Western Morning News in October 2016

Very few waterlogged tales have such longevity as the great flood of Somerset, which hit the Somerset Levels for month after month in the winter of 2012/13

Reviewed by James Crowden of Marshwood Vale Magazine in December 2016

'It takes a brave man with great sensitivity like Michael Brown to give us a raw, detailed and heartfelt account of the floods. Someone who is finely tuned to nature and the natural world, who can express the triumphs and tragedy, the poignancy and enhanced feeling of community spirit that the floods bring in their wake. And like a true Somerset man, he stubbornly stayed put. The Flood is a masterpiece of understatement and many men would have thrown in the towel and abandoned the house to its fate and gone to live on dry land. It is the narrative which is compelling.'

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