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The Secret Carp

**This elegant new hardback edition of Chris Yates’ classic features a gold-blocked cover, coloured end-papers and matching head and tail bands**

The Secret Carp is a fishing book with a difference. As The Independent comments, it is one of the few books that manages to capture the real joy of fishing in such a way that even a non-angler could be seduced. It tells the true story of the events of a single day and night beside an English carp lake in high summer.

When he stumbled upon a long-neglected, overgrown lake holding some monster carp, Chris Yates knew that he had discovered the kind of place about which every carp angler dreams. He set about trying to catch the huge, elusive inhabitants with rod and line. It was a quest that was to reveal many insights into the secretive behaviour of this king of freshwater fish and bring him thrillingly into contact with his quarry.

Waiting, watching and stalking, quite undeterred by the damp sleeping bag and the cold. Yates' enthralling story whispers adventure and promise. And it is punctuated by moments of great drama as monster fish disturb the tranquil world of the angler.

Fishermen of all persuasions will enjoy this masterful angling chronicle.

Author: Chris Yates
Illustrator: Clare Yates
ISBN: 978 1 873674 28 4
Published: July 1992
Latest edition: September 2019
Format: 234 x 156 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 176
55 black & white illustrations
Price: £20.00

The Secret Carp by Chris Yates

Press reviews

Reviewed in The Independent in August 1992

'Chris Yates has written one of the few books that can suggest to an outsider what the point of fishing might be.'

Reviewed in The Field in August 1992

'Not just a great angling book, it is perhaps one of the three best angling books ever written.'

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