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Vintage Guns

Collecting, Restoring & Shooting Classic Firearms

**Revised and updated**

Old-fashioned shotguns are coming back into vogue. This book provides practical advice on buying the right gun for restoration. It describes the steps and potential pitfalls on the path to renovation so that the gun can be used and enjoyed.

Diggory Hadoke covers all aspects of collecting and restoring shotguns for use – on an affordable budget. It is written for the shooter rather than the engineer or historian, and covers the
subject in a lively, informative manner.

The author’s passion is for old guns and for their continued use in the field. He argues that the quality of craftsmanship in many old guns, as well as the sheer pleasure of handling them, makes them
superior to the machine-made over/unders of the modern shooting field.

Topics covered include:

• buying vintage guns
• over & unders
• servicing & maintenance
• lightweight guns
• customising
• damascus/steel barrels
• safety considerations
• ribs/chokes
• barrels/locks/action/woodwork
• proofing
• sidelocks/boxlocks
• extensions/locking bolts
• ejectors
• operating levers
• single triggers
• gunstock issues
• bore sizes
• ammunition for vintage guns and much more

Author: Diggory Hadoke
ISBN: 978 1 873674 90 1
Published: September 2007
Latest edition: November 2019
Format: 276 x 216
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 224
280 colour photographs
20 black & white photographs
Price: £30.00

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Vintage Guns by Diggory Hadoke

Reader reviews

Reviewed by Robert Whinnen in April 2013

Vintage Guns for the Modern Shot is fantastic and exceeded my highest expectations in content, production quality and value.

Press reviews

Reviewed by James Marchington of Sporting Shooter in November 2007

'Plenty of practical advice for shooters who head for the auction house rather than the gunshop.'

Reviewed by Bill Harriman of Shooting Times in October 2007

'This book is jam-packed with all manner of useful advice and information. It really struck a chord with me.'

Reviewed in Sporting Gun in January 2008

'Absolutely bursting with information and gun lore, and, even if you are a gun enthusiast only casually wondering about taking up a vintage gun, I am sure you will find much of interest. The number, variety and quality of pictures and Dig's easy-to-read style combine to pass on this knowledge effortlessly.'

Reviewed in Gun Mart in February 2008

'Well written with an abundance of sound advice, historic anecdote and practical information all thoroughly illustrated with original and rare photographs, line drawings and diagrams. An exuberant work by a real enthusiast and expert, and I was surprised to see that it is his first book - I look forward to many more.'

Reviewed in Shooting Sportsman Magazine, U in September 2008

'Quite simply, this is the best all-around book I've read about acquiring, using and appreciating British Shotguns. Vintage Guns breaks new ground because it is so full of practical information in so many different areas. Thorough, lucid and well-written.'

Reviewed in Sporting Gun in September 2008

'If you've not read Dig's latest book, Vintage Guns for the Modern Shot, dash out and buy a copy, it's cracking stuff.'

Reviewed in Shooting Gazette in December 2007

'Diggory Hadoke's debut publication is a must for anybody with an interest in vintage guns... The author has not been afraid to voice his own opinions. Well worth the price tag.'

Reviewed in Fieldsports in November 2007

'Aimed at the amateur shooter in a clear and practical way, it explains how to choose the right vintage gun, what to do at the gun auction, how to restore your vintage fun to full working order and the costs involved. If you fancy using a vintage gun in the field then this is your book.'

Reviewed in BASC Magazine in November 2007

'Highly recommended.'

Reviewed in Sporting Shooter in November 2007

'Plenty of practical advice for shooters who head for the auction house rather than the gunshop.'

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