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Memoirs of a Wildfowler

A lucky soul indeed, is how Edward Miller, who spent 46 years in the gun trade, describes anyone infected with 'goose fever'.

In this lively memoir, he conveys the passion for wildfowling that gets sane people out of bed long before first light, to walk miles across dangerous tidal flats in the depths of a winter dawn, to lie flat in damp sand for hours, waiting for that evocative beat of wings to pass overhead.

Every chapter in Geese! is full of interest, amusement and advice. Camouflage, the techniques of goose-calling, how to recognise flight lines, choice of gun, what to wear, where to stay, how to behave and how to avoid overshooting, are all topics covered, right down to cooking wildfowl, including a mouth-watering stuffing of wild mushrooms and seashore blackberries.

The instructional index at the end of the book is an invaluable instant reference for the wildfowler.

Author: Ed Miller
Illustrator: Rodger McPhail
ISBN: 978 1 873674 13 0
Published: October 2007
Format: 234 x 156 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 352
70 black & white photographs
14 black & white illustrations
3 Diagrams
Price: £20.00

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Geese! by Ed Miller

Press reviews

Reviewed in BASC Magazine in June 2008

'Wildfowling has inspired some superb books over the years, and they don't get much better than this. The result is a book that anyone who shoots will find utterly absorbing.'

Reviewed in Westmorland Gazette in April 2008

'Don't think the reader needs to be a wildfowler to enjoy this book, which is full of enjoyable anecdotes and fascinating facts.'

Reviewed in The Field in February 2008

'He intersperses tales with advice, opinions and warnings and tells of the changes that have come about, but refreshingly, he doesn't hark back to 'the good old days' to compare. Gentle, charming and anecdotal.'

Reviewed in Gunmart in February 2008

'Starting with an expedition to the Solway Firth in 1950, right through to shotting in the new millennium, the author manages to bring you into his world with a blend of practical advice, anecdote and dry humour. An excellent read.'

Reviewed in Gun Trade News in February 2008

'A new book on the joys of wildfowling, which will doubtless fly off the gun shop's shelves.'

Reviewed in Sporting Gun in January 2008

'By combining useful tips and information with entertaining stories, Edward Miller has created a superb memoir. Reading it has been an absolute joy.'

Reviewed in Shooting Gazette in December 2007

'Even if you have never been wildfowling in your life, it is interesting to read of this all-consuming passion.'

Reviewed in Style (Blackpool Gazette) in December 2007

'The book covers a host of topics, from camouflage and how to recognise flight lines to how to behave and avoid overshooting, right down to cooking geese. His memoirs convey the excitement...'

Reviewed in Fieldsports in December 2007

'Practical, anecdotal, entertaining and informative - a surprisingly good read. The author writes well and captures the essence of sport on the foreshore in a way that will appeal to anyone who enjoys shooting.'

Reviewed in Shooting Times in November 2007

'Ed Miller has created a work that will, I have not the slightest doubt, come to be recognised as a classic.'

Reviewed by Ian Clark of Scottish Association for Count in November 2007

'So full of useful facts, tips and general background information on the quest for geese that everyone who reads it will learn somethiong new about the sport they love.'

Reviewed in Life! (Blackpool Gazette) in November 2007

'It is full of practical information and interest, together with photographs collected from around the country.'

Reviewed in Lancashire Evening Post in October 2007

'His memoirs convey the excitement that gets people out of bed long before first light to walk miles across tidal flats in the depths of a winter dawn and lie in damp sands for hours, waiting for the beat of wings to pass overhead.'

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