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Manual of a Traditional Bacon Curer

Maynard Davies, the last of the traditional bacon apprentice-boys, and now retired master-curer, shares here with the reader his lifetime’s knowledge of the art of smoking and curing.

In this practical manual Maynard explains, step-by-step, how he did it all in his day – from choosing the best raw ingredients, to building one’s own smokehouse, to the secrets of making the best sausage.

After working in the profession for 60 years, Maynard wants to pass on his expertise to the next generation, in the hope that enthusiasts will get as much satisfaction from producing their own hams, bacons, sausages and countless other products, made with pride from the best ingredients, as he has always done.

Author: Maynard Davies
ISBN: 978 1 906122 08 9
Published: September 2009
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 240
175 colour photographs
9 black & white illustrations
Price: £25.00

Reprint under consideration

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Manual of a Traditional Bacon Curer by Maynard Davies

Press reviews

Reviewed in County Times in November 2009

'In the world of bacon curing, the name of Master Curer Maynard Davies is legend.'

Reviewed in The Landsman in January 2010

'Once you have read this book, you might never want to go to the supermarket for bacon again.'

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