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Promises to Keep

A British Vet in Africa

Working at the sharp end, Scottish vet Hugh Cran describes his
daily and nightly challenges working in Kenya as he encounters rabid dogs, a horse pageant that goes horribly wrong, missing tortoises, entire herds of sick cattle and corrupt policemen: he even witnesses how a witchdoctor successfully identifies a thief.

Busy from early morning to midnight, Hugh never turns down a call to help an animal in distress, even if this means driving across floods or deserts, surviving vehicle break-downs or insanitary operating conditions on arrival.

In this book, Hugh falls in love, marries and starts a family, climbs Kenyan mountains, survives a life-threatening health crisis, a surgery fire and a serious legal accusation.

Throughout it all, he remains a dedicated and hardworking local vet, serving his African community, no matter what.

He has promises to keep...

Author: Hugh Cran
ISBN: 978 1 906122 97 3
Published: September 2015
No. of pages: 320
Price: £6.75

Promises to Keep by Hugh Cran

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Press reviews

Reviewed by Julia Laurence of Old Africa in September 2016

The conflict between: 'don’t want to stop reading, and don’t want to finish this book too quickly’ is ever present, but somehow one doesn’t want to put it down.  Anyone familiar with his first autobiographical volume will love this second instalment even more.

Reviewed in Travel News in June 2016

'Hugh Cran’s writing is concise, often laugh-aloud hilarious, and his book is a most enjoyable read'

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