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The Pocket Guide to Essential Knots

21 essential knots for everyday use indoors or outdoors

This compact little reference book includes knots for a wide range of functions, from home to work, hobbyto play activities.

No knot-tying jargon is used, no baffling technical terms – just simple step-by-step instructions and outstandingly clear line drawings.

Among the knots in this book are:

Overhand knot, Heaving line knot, Reef knot, Sheetbend, Fisherman’s knot, Figure-eight loop, Bowline, Three-part crown, Slip knot, Clove hitch, Constrictor knot, Pile hitch, Highwayman’s hitch, Trucker’s hitch, Timber hitch, Transom knot, Blood knot, Square lashing, Tripod lashing – and more!

Author: Peter Owen
ISBN: 978 1 910723 83 8
Published: September 2019
No. of pages: 80
80 black & white illustrations
Price: £5.99

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The Pocket Guide to Essential Knots by Peter Owen

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