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Going Fishing

Travel and Adventure with a Fishing Rod

'This is just the story of some rods, and the places they take you to. It begins with surf-casting on the New Jersey coast when I was 13, and carries on to such scenes as flyfishing the headwaters of the Kuban in the upper Caucasus, and casting for rainbow trout in the rivers of southern Chile, with a volcano erupting every ten minutes within plain view.

'There is not a record, or even a very big fish in it; and some of the finest things fishing has given me I have found beside the steams of the West Country in England. Chiefly, I love my rods because of their associations, the places they have brought me to. They have been part of my kit when I travel, for many years.

'This magic wand has revealed to me some of the loveliest places on earth. That is the story of this book.'

                                                                           – Negley Farson

Author: Negley Farson
Illustrator: C.F. Tunnicliffe
ISBN: 978 1 873674 63 5
Published: January 1942
Latest edition: September 2015
No. of pages: 192
27 scraperboard illustrations
Price: £6.75

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Going Fishing by Negley Farson

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Press reviews

Reviewed by Conrad Voss Bark of The Times in July 1996

'One of the finest fishing-travel books of all time.'

Reviewed by Colin Willock in July 1996

'You don't have to be a fisherman to cherish this lovely book. If you love the outdoors, give yourself a treat.'

Reviewed by Christopher Wordsworth of The Observer in July 1996

'It remains the supreme lyric on the impenetrable romance and anguish of fishing.'

Reviewed in Angling Magazine in July 1996

'...of absorbing interest and great variety...the book does not contain a single boring line.'

Reviewed by Ian Niall of Country Life in July 1996

'An undoubted classic.'

Reviewed by Christopher Wordsworth of The Observer in January 1981

‘It remains the supreme lyric on the impenetrable romance and anguish of fishing’

Reviewed by Hugh Falkus of The Stolen Years in January 1979

‘I first read Going Fishing in 1943 when, as a prisoner of war, I was serving a term of solitary confinement following an escape attempt and a friendly guard smuggled the book into my cell. For a couple of months it was my only literature, so I can claim to have read it pretty thoroughly! But Negley Farson proved much more than a solace; he was a revelation. Of all the fishing books I had read, his was the best. It still is.’

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