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The Hare

There is something special about a hare.

Many who have fallen under the spell of this elusive, beautiful and contradictory creature have longed to know more about its secretive life.

But few researchers have had the patience and skill to untangle fact from fiction, to reveal the surprising evidence about this truly wild animal. And few photographers have managed to capture so many rare images of the hare on camera.

Jill Mason presents a lively account of the natural history of the hare, covering its behaviour throughout the seasons, its courtship and breeding, its favoured habitats and worldwide distribution, its remarkable survival techniques, its predators and its hunters.

The superstitions and folklore surrounding the hare are explored; and the latest scientific findings and conservation initiatives are clearly reported for the general reader.

Over 150 stunning colour photographs, by talented wildlife photographer David Mason, include pictures of hare behaviour never caught on camera before.

Author: Jill Mason
Photographer: David Mason
ISBN: 978 1 873674 81 9
Published: March 2005
Latest edition: September 2008
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 192
177 colour photographs
7 colour illustrations
3 black & white photographs
3 black & white illustrations
Price: £20.00

Reprinting - available March 2019

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The Hare by Jill Mason

Reader reviews

Reviewed by Gina Gladston in August 2008

I have been searching for a beautifully photographed and informative book about hares for many years. I regularly see them and find them magical. What Jill Mason and her husband David do in this book is provide the stunning visual images one would expect from a photography book, along with all the facts you ever wanted to know.

In addition to this, their love of hares and their enchantment of them comes across on every page. The magic, myth and mystery of hares is thoroughly explored. I have picked this book up again and again. It is the ideal present for anyone who is fascinated by our beautiful, elusive native creature. Buy it, I dare you to be disappointed.

Press reviews

Reviewed in Sporting Press in February 2006

'Accompanied by almost 200 stunning photographs taken by Jill’s husband, David Mason, this book will appeal to many categories of reader. I promise you will not be disappointed.'

Reviewed in Countryman's Weekly in February 2005

'A lively account of the life of this most secretive animal. A must-have for all hare enthusiasts.'

Reviewed by TR of BASC Magazine in October 2005

'This is an excellent book and well worth reading.'

Reviewed in Highland News in March 2005

'That special feeling about the hare comes through time and time again in the book, whether the legends and myths about them are being discussed, or their feeding habits. Some of the photographs are enchanting, others revealing such as the ability of hares to crouch in open forms whatever the weather. The price is worth it just for the photographs. But altogether, it’s a must-have!'

Reviewed by Brian Viner of The Independent in March 2005

'Jill Mason has tackled the subject from every imaginable angle and produced an unexpectedly fascinating book.'

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