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Flycasting Skills

for beginner and expert

With the help of expert casting instructors Symonds and Maher, you can now become a master of the flyrod. Whatever your present abilities, this book will leave you with the perfect casting skills for all situations.

Flycasting, that key pre-requisite to all successful trout and salmon fishing, can be a stumbling block for many anglers.

This clear, well-illustrated guidebook will show you, step-by-step, how to execute all the casts you will ever need: from basic Overhead cast to Double-handed Spey cast, and from the simple Roll cast to the flamboyant Snake cast, and many more.

Packed with useful tips on:

•  which cast to use and when
•  how to improve your casting techniques
•  how to correct bad habits
•  latest casts from around the world
•  advice on best casting rods, reels and flylines

This book will transform your casting skills whether you are a complete beginner or an already experienced flyfisher.

Author: John Symonds & Philip Maher
Illustrator: John Symonds
ISBN: 978 1 906122 49 2
Published: March 2013
Format: 246 x 189 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 96
91 colour illustrations
Price: £9.99

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Flycasting Skills by John Symonds & Philip Maher

Press reviews

Reviewed by Jeremy Lucas of in February 2013

'It is by far and away the best work on fly casting ever produced.'

Reviewed by Andrew Herd of in March 2013

'Virtually every fly fisherman stands to benefit from reading this book. I like the approach very much; it is simple, uncluttered and highly graphical. If you are having problems with casting, the answer is covered really is the best book around on the subject right now.'

Reviewed by Peter Smitham of in March 2013

'The quality of the content, text and illustration, is far in excess of the £9.99 asking price. In fact the quality of the diagrams and photographs alone set the standard as to how a book should be illustrated. If you only buy one book this year make this one your first choice!'

Reviewed by Mike Kernan of The Scottish Sun in March 2013

'This is the new bible of fly casting.'

Reviewed by Peter Storey of New Zealand Trout Fisher in August 2013

'This would have to be one of the best written reference sources of flycasting techniques I've seen. A unique combination of striking graphics, strong key notes and meaningful comment, Flycasting Skills displays a wide range of casts for both single and double-handed rods — including a few I'd never even thought, let alone heard of. Backing them up is a wealth of background information.

Reviewed by Dr Tom Sutcliffe of The Spirit of Flyfishing in September 2013

'The authors have distilled the absolute essentials for each of the casts they describe and, to me, the book's brevity is a blessing rather than a drawback. A further strength is the graphics. They are quite remarkable and convey what is said in the text with easy-to-follow, bullet-proof clarity. I think this is an essential book for beginners, but seasoned fly fishers will benefit from it as well, as will fly guides who can safely recommend it to their clients and students for its conciseness, clarity and comprehensiveness.'

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