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The Game Larder

Venison is experiencing an unprecedented growth in popularity with the British public as a delicious, healthy and increasingly available dish.

Here are over 50 recipes from Senior chef/Lecturer in Culinary Arts at Westminster Kingsway College, José Souto, the game expert who gives masterclasses on preparation and game cookery to other chefs worldwide, as well as teaching a new generation of student chefs how to cook venison. José has added to his own repertoire of 30 dishes by inviting guest chefs to add their own favourite venison recipes to this book, opening up a wide range of dishes, from simple venison lasagne to elegant dinner-party show-stoppers.

Not just a cookery book, this is a celebration of deer: in stunning pictures, world-renowned photographer Steve Lee showcases British deer, deer-stalking and the delight in harvesting nature’s bounty, with a breath-taking array of shots.

* over 50 innovative international venison recipes
* deer from hillside to table
* venison butchery and cuts
* smoking and curing venison recipes
* over 200 top-quality food-styling and wildlife photos

Author: Jose Souto
Photographer: Steve Lee
ISBN: 978 1 906122 96 6
Published: August 2015
Format: 276 x 216 mm
Binding: Hardback
No. of pages: 256
265 colour photographs
33 black & white photographs
Price: £25.00

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Venison by Jose Souto

Reader reviews

Reviewed by Martin Rogers in August 2015

Probably the most difinitive and complete reference book on venison that I have ever read. Beautifully designed and produced; taking you through everything you need to know from the history and stalking of the deer to the butchery and preparation and inclusive of many fantastic recipes from Jose Souto and some of my favourite chefs. Complimented by the most amazing photography by Steve Lee.

Press reviews

Reviewed by Tom Quinn of CLA's Land & Business Magazine in July 2015

'One or two of the 50 recipes included will be familiar to those who enjoy venison but there are numerous surprises as Mr Souto has included a number of his own recently invented recipes as well as more than a dozen recipes provided by guest chefs.

In addition to the cookery sections there are fascinating chapters on smoking venison and on getting your deer from hill to table.'

Reviewed by Mary Miers of Country Life in August 2015

'No shooting lodge should be without a copy of this handsome publication, which is more than just a recipe book. There's everything that the carnivore could desire.... A perfect present for a highland house party.'

Reviewed in NFU Countryside Magazine in October 2015

'Excellent photographs from Steve Lee.'

Reviewed in Rifle Shooter Magazine in September 2015

'Fifty mouth-watering recipes are accompanied by Steve Lee’s breathtaking photographs. … a book that would be just as at home on the coffee table as the kitchen counter.  Dishes from simple venison lasagne to elegant dinner party show-stoppers.'

Reviewed by Alexandra Henton of The Field in October 2015

'It covers everything from the species of deer to the stalk, the shot, the butchery and the subsequent succulent feast. Souto is a chef who knows his stuff. The recipes vary from the simple to the adventurous. This is a super collaboration been writer and photographer – well laid out and beautifully illustrated. It bridges the gap between hunter and home cook and will prove a delightful addition to the kitchen book-shelf.'

Reviewed in Stockpot, Craft Guild of Chefs in September 2015

'This is a highly informative manual on all things venison that, due to the relaxed, passionate style of writing accompanied by beautiful photography, steers well clear of the monotonous presentation of other books I have read on the same subject.

Steve Lee’s pictures throughout the book are simply stunning.'

Reviewed in The Scottish Field in November 2015

'Souto talks from experience, not just as a chef, but as a keen and experienced stalker.

The book contains over 50 recipes, with Souto adding to his own repertoire by inviting guest chefs to add their own favourite venison recipes to the book, opening up a wide range of dishes from simple venison lasagne to elegant dinner-party show-stoppers.

Souto and Lee have turned cookery books into a true art form with Venison - The Game Larder, with budding culinary artists and deer-stalkers alike in for a treat. Definitely not just another recipe book destined to lie unopened and gathering dust on a shelf, this really is a venison book with a difference.'

Reviewed in Sporting Rifle in February 2016

'Over 50 wonderful recipes.' 'If the stalker is restricted to just one book of venison recipes, this will surely be it.' 'A breath-taking array of camera shots.'

Reviewed in Welsh Border Life in November 2016

'A beautifully illustrated book. The author imparts his passion for this versatile, low-fat but full-flavoured meat; reveals his expert tips on sourcing and storage along with preparation of the various different cuts available. He also shares a myriad of mouthwatering recipes…'

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