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Fishing Forever

Tales from the riverbank of a very different kind

A brilliant collection of exciting fishing stories for teenage readers.

Ken says, 'Come fishing tomorrow Dave,' and because there's no football, Dave goes.

From that day on, he's hooked by the magic of the river, with its battling barbel and primitive pike, big chub and shining roach.

But the river has mysteries too. Is a ghost fishing between them on the Bank? who's drowning on the day they skive school? How wise can it be to explore an underground lake where something very big swims in the dark? Have the lads discovered an irresistible bait? And how much in love do you have to be to let a girl challenge you to a match?

One thing is sure - whatever happens, he'll be fishing forever.

Author: David Churchill
Illustrator: Tony Whieldon
ISBN: 978 1 873674 40 6
Published: September 1999
No. of pages: 144
18 black & white illustrations
Price: £3.99

Fishing Forever by David Churchill

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Press reviews

Reviewed by Chris Yates in June 1999

'This wonderful book will lead to deserted streets and a bristling of new rods along the water's edge,'

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