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What a Chap Really Wants in Bed

What chaps really like to do in bed is to think about shooting and fishing. the pastel shades and heady fragrances of the boudoir are a far cry from their natural habitat of coverts, moors and marshes, lochs, lakes ponds and meres and, if they are honest, all a bit unnerving. There may be stuff that they get up to in bed from time to time, recreationally or otherwise which they will undertake with zeal and gusto deriving from a natural sense of inquisitiveness and a proper understanding of their obligations - but in the end they will always return to fishing and shooting.

In this collection of essays by Roderick Emery and Giles Catchpole from The Shooting Gazette and Trout & Salmon, the authors drift agreeably here and there through the world of shooting and fishing and relate tales of high drama, low rivers, successes and failures, occasional triumphs and periodic disasters, some very funny, a few very sad; each graphically illustrated by Olly Copplestone.

If you are a chap, or if you share a bed with a chap, this is your book.

It will not make you a finer Shot or a better angler and it will not improve your technique, but left beside the bed it will always be there when you want it which is, as any chap knows, the whole point.

Author: Giles Catchpole & Roderick Emery
Illustrator: Olly Copplestone
ISBN: 978 1 873674 80 2
Published: October 2004
Latest edition: November 2005
No. of pages: 256
65 colour cartoons
12 black & white cartoons
Price: £6.75

What a Chap Really Wants in Bed by Giles Catchpole & Roderick Emery

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Press reviews

Reviewed in Sporting Shooter in December 2004

'Achingly funny writing on field sports, especially shooting, and brilliant cartoons.'

Reviewed in Trout & Salmon Magazine in December 2004

'The illustrations are a delight … a lovely book for your rare moments of ease.'

Reviewed in Shooting Gazette in December 2004

'A must for any sportsman.'

Reviewed by Christmas Book List of Sporting Shooter in December 2004

'These two are the Morcambe and Wise of shooting. It’s the usual combination of achingly funny writing on field sports especially shooting, and brilliant cartoons – who needs The Great Escape on Christmas afternoon when they’ve got this?'

Reviewed by in December 2004

'Those who groan at the prospect of yet another relentlessly funny book of endless anecdotal jollity need not worry. As with all good comic writing from Shakespeare onwards, the book is full of serious good sense. Disrespect for the bird you have shot or the fish you have caught can catch you up in later life: ‘One day you may find yourself shooting big game, and if you have no respect for your quarry it will bit you in the arse. And rightly so.’ So good sportsmen are nice to everybody. The illustrations are a delight. A lovely book for your rare moments of ease.'

Reviewed in Shooting Times Magazine in September 2006

'This richly illustrated book containing amusing sporting tales, is the perfect bedtime read.'

Reviewed in Sporting Shooter in December 2010

'Achingly funny writing on field sports, especially shooting and brilliant cartoons.'

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