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The Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing

and how to tackle other Invasive Non-Native Species

In recent years, we’ve all become more familiar with the idea of invasive species.

Plants and animals as varied as giant hogweed, the mink and oak processionary moths regularly make headlines because of the health, environmental and economic problems they cause. Invasive deer contribute to more than 74,000 traffic accidents in the UK every year, while Japanese knotweed added £70m to the bill for staging the London Olympics, and could soon stop you getting a mortgage on your house.

These invasive species destroy crops and forestry, dump silt into rivers, sabotage drains and electrical infrastructure, cut off access to beautiful places, and drive native rare and iconic species to extinction.

And they cost us all a lot of money – at least £1.8bn to the UK economy each year.

How can you help stop this expensive, dangerous (and ultimately boring) slide towards global blandification?

Read this book and then roll up your sleeves!

•    Over 40 different species featured
•    List of actions you can take
•    Useful contact list for those getting involved 

Author: Theo Pike
ISBN: 978 1 906122 62 1
Published: May 2014
No. of pages: 96
169 colour photographs
Price: £4.99

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The Pocket Guide to Balsam Bashing by Theo Pike

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Press reviews

Reviewed by Jeffrey Prest of Trout Fisherman in July 2014

'First rule of war - know thy enemy… Like some kind of bathroom cleaner. Theo Pike is getting a reputation for getting into those corners of fishing that other writers won't reach. First he departs from the sweet meadows and pure streams of angling cliche to bring us Trout in Dirty Places, a celebration of those urban rivers that now hold fish where they once held only toxins. Now his latest book looks at nature's dark side and the world of uninvited interlopers… It shouldn't be anything like as interesting as it is, especially not with a reviewer whose fascination for botany and insects stops at tobacco leaves and Spiderman. Pike and his publishing team however, have an eye for pace and colour, both in the content of his books and the way they are laid out. Trout in Dirty Places bounced along and so does Balsam Bashing, when it could have easily been a dry read that looked like it came straight from the hands of a Defra committee.

Reviewed in The Angler (Angling Trust maga in November 2014

'With practical advice on what to look for and how to fight back....this book is helping lead the counter-attack. Get one!'

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