The Scottish Wildcat

The Scottish Wildcat

by Christopher Clegg

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Britain's most endangered mammal

The Scottish wildcat is an endangered species, but conservationist groups are fighting hard for its survival and proliferation, and in the process uncovering more facts about this beautiful, rarely-glimpsed, mammal.

This fascinating book on the wildcat by Dr Clegg reveals:

• its inbuilt survival instinct and adaptability
• unusual sightings such as wildcats swimming out to islands in lochs
• a history of the wildcat from prehistoric to the present day
• natural history including breeding and territory
• wildcats and the Scottish clans
• wildcats as medieval vermin or for skins
• dens and territorial ranges
• in captivity, in literature and folklore
• fascinating trail camera footage of this elusive rare mammal
• latest initiatives to save the wildcat


85 Colour photographs


Tue, Sep 05, 2017


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