Africa's Wild Dogs

by Jocelin Kagan

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There are roughly 6,600 wild dogs left in Africa yet they have cast such a spell on top wildlife photographer and naturalist Jocelin Kagan that she is determined to help save them.

If left to their own devices, they are more than capable of thriving, as this sumptuous photographic natural history shows. Jocelin has called in world experts to add their latest findings about these resourceful, graceful and highly skilled family groups.

Nomadic predators whose territories range thousands of kilometres, they hunt co-operatively, preying on small herbivores. Non-confrontational, they form complex bonds as this book reveals.

Now restricted to small populations and threatened by some shoot-to-kill policies, habitat fragmentation, diseases from domestic dogs, climate change and snares, as well as natural predation from hyenas and lions, Africa's wild dogs will be supported by all the royalties from this book.


142 Colour photographs, 8 Black & white photographs


Sep 03, 2020


About the Author:

Jocelin Kagan lives in South Africa and is a professional wildlife photographer, business coach and communications consultant. Jocelin is a devoted campaigner to save Africa's wild dogs.

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