A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

A Kaleidoscope of Butterflies

by Jonathan Bradley

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Britain's 59 resident species

**Please note this book is only available in ebook format**

There are 59 species of British butterfly and each one deserves a couple of stunning photographs, some interesting facts about its life cycle and a poem dedicated to it. 

Lifelong butterfly lover and poet Jonathan Bradley and his photographer friend Yealand Kalfayan have done just that in this colourful and inspiring book.

Bradley has also included a mini biography of several famous lepidopterists who have left their mark in this radiant world.

This lovely, bright hardback is a feast for the eyes.


141 Colour photographs, 6 duotone photographs


Sep 08, 2022


About the Author:Jonathan Bradley is an academic, businessman and published poet who has written on butterflies for various magazines, including The Countryman, This England, and Atropos magazine.

His long-standing passion for butterflies was inspired by walks in the countryside with his now-adult children when they were young.

He has a strong commitment to conserving butterflies and their environments.

He lives with his wife Harriet near Bristol, where they are lucky to have many butterflies visiting their garden.

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