The Swan

by Malcolm Schuyl

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A Natural History

Stunning photographs illustrate our new natural history of the swan, this much-loved creature of beauty and grace.

Professional photographer Malcolm Schuyl has studied the swan for decades – observing, researching and photographing it throughout its life-cycle.

His lively and inspirational book covers the swan in all its stages:

*  natural history and behaviour: bathing, preening, moulting, sleeping
*  breeding and courtship: mating, nesting, incubation, hatching
*  raising their young
*  swan domestication and uses throughout history
*  the swan in literature, myth, music, superstition
*  swan conservation and their future

A book to delight and educate.


190 Colour photographs


May 10, 2012


About the Author:

Malcolm Schuyl is a biologist with a special interest over the last 25 years in ecology and conservation.

In 2001, he fulfilled a lifelong ambition to become a full-time wildlife photographer. His work has received many awards, from the Royal Photographic Society to the RSPB, and has been published in a wide range of international books and magazines.

Malcolm now travels the world photographing all types of wildlife, from tiny insects in the desert to great blue whales in the oceans and penguins in the snow. He has visited all seven continents for his work, including Antarctica. Malcolm is also an accomplished underwater photographer with a particular interest in the Great White Shark.

Originally from Yorkshire, he now lives in Oxfordshire.

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