The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle

The British Boxlock Gun & Rifle

by Diggory Hadoke

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The boxlock, or ‘body action’, was the first really successful hammerless sporting gun, from 1875. In the following decades, boxlocks, with their fewer parts and suitability for machine production became the gun for ‘everyman’. 

20th century conventions adopted by major firms in using sidelocks for best quality guns has wrongly made the boxlock a poor relation in the eyes of many collectors and shooters today.

This book will educate the reader in the huge variation in boxlock design and quality. It tells the fascinating story of the development and perfection of body action guns of all qualities. The owner of a 19th or 20th century boxlock will discover  a wealth of information about his gun and the prospective buyer will find this book essential reading. It covers:

•     the history and development of actions 
•     the various ejector mechanisms 
•     how to evaluate different quality grades 
•     trouble-shooting problems in various models 
•     the complex relationships between the manufacturers and retailers of the guns over the last 130 years.


400 Colour photographs


Sep 01, 2012