by Jose Souto

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The Game Larder

Their book Venison – the Game Larder lit up the traditional game cookery market and here comes the next offering from top photographer Steve Lee and chef José Souto, sharing their passion for pheasant, duck, grouse, woodcock, geese, pigeon and other game birds.

In Feathers – the Game Larder Steve Lee’s stunning photographs showcase more than the 55 modern, international recipes from master game chef José Souto and his culinary friends – they impart the beauty of game birds in the field, from source to plate.

Chef José’s combined love of fieldsports and cuisine gives him an insight into the best way to harvest, store, prepare and cook the birds.

•    how to pluck, clean, de-bone, butterfly, crown, truss, fillet and
      stuff game birds
•    smoked, barbecued and outdoor recipes
•    new ideas for shoot lunches
•    step-by-step butchery
•    55 modern, international, simple and sophisticated recipes from
      sloe gin game pie to pheasant tikka to smoky pigeon breast
      salad, grouse risotto and game and chestnut sausages

Additional recipes from guest chefs include Michel Roux, Brian Turner, Phil Howard and Nigel Barden.


300 Colour photographs


Thu, Aug 02, 2018


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