Fishing with Harry

by Tony Baws

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A tale of piscatorial mayhem

Harry, an incorrigible, engaging and dapper biscuit salesman in his forties, ex-Army and the City, becomes the unlikely angling companion of young Tony, the love-struck, shy 19-year-old accountant who is courting his step-daughter.

Throughout the 1960s, this unique fishing friendship is cemented via a series of largely nocturnal fishing jaunts across London, Essex then further afield, to ponds, gravel pits and rivers.

As mods and rockers hit the scene, Harry and Tony set off at first on buses, then on a scooter and later, more luxuriously, in Tony’s battered green Ford. With huge excitement and more than their share of mayhem and mishap, they cast their lines wherever fish are to be found (or not, as the case may be!)

At times touching, at times bawdy, always amusing – this is a book not just for anglers but for anyone who enjoys a finely-told story.

** All royalties from sales of this book will be donated to the charity CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young) **


18 Black & white illustrations


Sep 15, 2011


About the Author:

Tony Baws went to Grammar School in Southend and worked as a Chartered Accountant in London and Essex.

He was a voluntary warden of his local National Nature Reserve, which is part of Essex Wildlife Trust.

He is married to artist and illustrator Suzie Baws and they live in Leigh-on-Sea.

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