The Racing Man's Bedside Book

The Racing Man's Bedside Book

by Julian Bedford

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Racing, the most colourful of sports, holds many in thrall. Some can't resist it because they love horses, others because they own horses, ride or train horses, and of course a huge number enjoy the betting. Racing embraces them all, and this bedside book of racing stories, anecdotes, reminiscences, poems and observations is as varied and rich as the racing scene itself.

Many of the great names of racing, past and present, are included, as well as others that are less expected: Jeffrey Bernard, Jack Leach, Dick Francis, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, Benjamin Disraeli, David Ashforth, Anthony Trollope, Siegfried Sassoon, Rudyard Kipling, Philip Larkin, Emile Zola, and more.

The six sections in the book encompass Horses, Owners, Trainers, Jockeys, the Players and the great Racing Festivals. Stories that bring out the worst and the best in human nature sit side by side. There are over fifty entries of enticing and gripping reading.

Julian Bedford, racing journalist, has delved deep and searched wide to bring together a bedside book that must be the perfect gift and bedside companion for every racing man and woman.




Feb 02, 2004


About the Author:

Julian Bedford has worked as a journalist in racing and foreign affairs for over fifteen years, alternating stints at the Sporting Life in London with stretches for Reuters and the BBC World Service in central and East Africa.

Despite the counter-attractions of coups, he has kept an ear on the racing world, placing bets on the world's big races from Somalia, Rwanda and Zaire, only to glean their demise through the vagaries of short-wave radio.

He is author of the World of Horseracing.

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