The Pocket Guide to Fishing Knots

by Peter Owen

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'Whether you are tangling with a tarpon or tricking a little brown trout, the knot matters. That's why anyone interested in catching (rather than losing!) fish, should read this book.' 
                                                                      Charles Jardine, Countryside Alliance

Here are 24 essential knots that every fisherman - game, coarse and sea - needs to know.

This compact little reference book (ideal for slipping in the fishing bag) shows you in clear, step-by-step drawings exactly how to tie the knots and when to use them. Also included is expert advice on the latest in knot-tying tools and line connectors. This is the clearest, best-value knot book available. No angler should be without it.


151 Black & white illustrations


Oct 01, 1998


About the Author:

Peter Owen is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer and has worked for an impressive list of international clients, including Coca Cola, Nestlé, Guinness, Disney and McDonald’s. He has also written and illustrated over twenty published books on a variety of subjects including the graphic arts and outdoor pursuits. He is married with three children and lives in the Cotswolds.

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