The Feather Bender's Advanced Flytying Techniques

The Feather Bender's Advanced Flytying Techniques

by Barry Ord Clarke

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This book will be available to purchase on Sep 05, 2024

Following the success of his ground-breaking first book in this series, Barry Ord Clarke (recently voted Flytyer of the World) is sharing his latest innovations in this publication.

As with his first book, each step-by-step photographic tying sequence is linked to the online video of him tying each of the flies featured.

This gives flytyers the best of both worlds. They can work carefully at their own pace using the book, while the QR code next to each sequence takes them straight to the optional video which gives the overall visual tying lesson.

Flies included are: The Ubiquitous Nymph, Danica Mayfly Nymph,Moose Mane Nymph, Clarke’s All Purpose Emerger, Midge Emerger, Emergent Sparkle Pupa, Hares ear soft Hackle, All Fur Wet Fly, Hares Ear Parachute, Anorexic Mayfly, CDC Mayfly Dun, Mallard Slip Wings, Compara Dun, Clarke’s Caddis, Diving Caddis, Dyret, Welshman’s Button, Fluttering caddis, Red Panama, Giant Stonefly, Braided Blue Damsel, The Worm, Float Foam Ant, Madam X, Foam Cylinder Cranefly, Phantom Zonker, Gummi Grub, Silicone Fry.


Colour photographs, Black & white photographs


Sep 05, 2024


About the Author:

Born in England, Barry Ord Clarke is an internationally-acclaimed fly tyer, photographer and author. He has won medals in the world’s most prestigious fly tying competitions, and his own flies can be seen in the iconic Flyfishers’ Club collection in London and in the Catskill Master Fly Collection in the Catskill Museum in the United States.

In 2016, he was awarded the coveted Claudio D’Angelo award for Best International Fly Tyer.

In 2018, he completed seven years’ work with Marc Petitjean for the book Petitjean CDC.

Barry was voted Fly Tyer Magazine's Fly Tyer of the Year 2021. The prestigious award honours the exceptional international contribution he has made to the world of fly tying through his books and videos. His innovative approach, dedication to his followers and his passion for the sport was recognised.

For the past 25 years he has lived in Norway where he works as a professional photographer and fly tying consultant for Mustad, and Veniard Ltd.

You can find Barry’s fly tying demonstrations on his successful blog and YouTube channel, The Feather Bender.

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