Promises to Keep

by Hugh Cran

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A British Vet in Africa

Working at the sharp end, Scottish vet Hugh Cran describes his daily and nightly challenges working in Kenya as he encounters rabid dogs, a horse pageant that goes horribly wrong, missing tortoises, entire herds of sick cattle and corrupt policemen: he even witnesses how a witchdoctor successfully identifies a thief.

Busy from early morning to midnight, Hugh never turns down a call to help an animal in distress, even if this means driving across floods or deserts, surviving vehicle break-downs or insanitary operating conditions on arrival.

In this book, Hugh falls in love, marries and starts a family, climbs Kenyan mountains, survives a life-threatening health crisis, a surgery fire and a serious legal accusation.

Throughout it all, he remains a dedicated and hardworking local vet, serving his African community, no matter what.

He has promises to keep...




Sep 03, 2015


About the Author:

Hugh Cran qualified as a veterinary surgeon in Scotland in the early-1960s and answered a small ad. in 1966 to work in Kenya.

He's there today, married with three daughters, still running his practice in Nakuru. As well as working as a vet, writing and climbing mountains, Hugh is an Honorary Consular Correspondent, covering an area from Nakuru to the Ethiopian border.

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