A Murmuration of Starlings

by Steve Palin

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The Collective Nouns of Animals and Birds

A flock of birds, even a skein of geese perhaps – but a cete of badgers, or a grist of bees?

The collective nouns of animals and birds have long inspired and intrigued us. Many have their roots in medieval times, in particular applied to those creatures hunted by man, and subject to the etiquette of their proper group names.

Author Steve Palin has beautifully illustrated and given the background to about fifty different animals and birds with interesting collective nouns – and listed 420 of them in his glossary.

This elegant little book will appeal to all those with a fascination for the English language, those who want the answers for quizzes and crossword puzzles, and those with an interest in animals and birds.


50 Colour illustrations


Thu, Sep 12, 2013


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