Flyfishing for Coarse Fish

by Dominic Garnett

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There has long been a divide between flyfishing and coarse fishing – but there is no reason for it! Over 3 million people in Britain fish one way or the other – and there is growing interest in combining these two major areas of the sport.

*  Existing flyfishers looking for a fresh challenge are already exploring the fun and fresh possibilities of new species.
*  Coarse anglers are discovering the advantages of catching their favourite species in this exciting and intimate way.

The reasons are simple enough: virtually any fish will take a fly, you can see it ‘as it happens’ and the fight of a fish on a flyrod is nothing short of sensational.

This book shows you how to flyfish for each different species: the techniques, the flies, the tackle.

Flyfishing for Coarse Fish will appeal to:

*  fly and coarse fishers wanting to try something new.
*  those wanting to introduce coarse fishing youngsters to the art of flyfishing, at a fraction of the cost.
*  those living in areas where flyfishing would not other wise be available, or at such an affordable price.


300 Colour photographs


May 10, 2012


About the Author:

Dominic Garnett is hailed as 'Britain's most promising young angling writer'; (Angling Times). He caught his first canal fish, a rudd, as a small boy sitting in the beer garden of a waterside pub. He is just as keen today – although you might find the cheap fibreglass pole and pint glass of maggots replaced by anything from a match rod to specimen or even fly tackle.

Renowned for his lucid, entertaining writing, Dominic is an angling all-rounder with over 200 articles to his name in the UK and abroad, from Angling Times to Fly Fishing & Fly Tying. His aim is to put the fun and soul back into fishing, as well as to instruct. His convention-busting adventures have also featured on the Sky Sports and National Geographic TV channels, while his debut hardback Flyfishing for Coarse Fish became a bestseller.

He is also a keen photographer and in that capacity works for many magazines. He lives near Exeter.

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