Land of Milk and (no) Money

Land of Milk and (no) Money

by Roger Evans

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Roger Evans has been an articulate dairy and poultry farmer all his life. From his Shropshire farm, he writes his diary in a well-informed, realistic and funny way, covering all aspects of his life as a farmer today.

In this book Roger talks about ratting, a particular cheeky robin, Gomer’s latest weight problem and the challenges of being a dairy farmer during a national crisis.

But in the countryside the good things still prevail: the local pub, the burgeoning hedgerows, tenacious wildlife, ingenious farm dogs and let’s not forget Roger’s plastic swans.




Sep 08, 2022


About the Author:

For many years Roger Evans has written a very popular farming column in the Western Daily Press every Saturday as well as being a regular contributor to various specialist dairy magazines. He is former Chair of
First Milk.

Previous winner of the Cream Awards’ Dairy Ambassador of the Year prize, his books have sold over 30,000 copies.

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