Living with Greys

by Tarquin Millington-Drake

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This stunning large format photographic book is the first to showcase throughout the course of a year, that iconic game bird, the rare grey partridge.

Renowned photographer Tarquin Millington-Drake spent over 500 hours in hides, capturing the unfolding of a grey partridge restoration project on local arable farmland.

Observing the elusive greys’ movements and habits, he gradually attuned to these beautiful little birds and managed to capture the thriving progress of the grey partridge as it established a foothold on this former farmland.

Tarquin’s photographic account, with short descriptions of each season, tells the story of the year in which the colony is established, outlines the farming practices that create the premium habitat and all-important thriving insect numbers, also following the often solitary life of Frank the young keeper, whose tireless efforts earned him a Purdey award.



Roger Morgan-Grenville, Author of The Return of the Grey Partridge
'To call 'Living with Greys' a coffee table book would be like calling the Mona Lisa a painting. It is the glorious distillation of hundreds of hours observation into stunning images and wise commentary. Above all, it properly presents the resurgent grey partridge among its natural fellow creatures, and alongside the people who passionately look after them. It is a wonderful treasure of a book.'


208 Colour photographs


May 23, 2024


About the Author:

Tarquin Millington-Drake has shot all his life and is fanatical about his pigeon shooting. He is also a respected flyfisher, with a particular love of the Atlantic salmon, and has fished all over the world. His career with renowned sporting travel company Frontiers has required him to travel extensively and photograph some of the world’s most remote places and their people.

However, it is affection for the UK countryside and its communities which led him first to photograph grouse on the moors of Northumberland and then to the grey partridge on the farmland around his home.

In 2022, he founded Why Moorlands Matter, which seeks to bring conservationists together to understand the moors and find a common way forward to protecting and restoring our countryside and wildlife.

When not travelling, Tarquin lives with his family and dogs in Gloucestershire. His first book, A Year on the Moor, was published in 2015.

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