Ludlow at Leisure

by Derek Beattie

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A country town at play 1800-1950

The market town of Ludlow, Shropshire has entertained itself over the last 150 years with events for both rich and poor: from cockfighting to cycling clubs, from genteel balls to rowdy tugs-of-war across the local river.
Historian Derek Beattie has created a very lively, highly-illustrated account of Ludlow, a traditional, thriving town in middle England, which shows how the local people amused themselves when not at work.

It is a snapshot of the changing tastes in leisure over a century and half, captured in fascinating original photos and words.


147 Black & white photographs


Sep 03, 2020


About the Author:

Dr Derek Beattie is married with three daughters and retired to Ludlow from the post of Head of History at Blackburn College. He was awarded his doctorate from Lancaster University for a study of the implementation of the Addison Housing Act 1919. He is on the committee of the Ludlow Historical Research Group and has given many talks on local history both in Lancashire and Shropshire.

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