Mushrooming without Fear

Mushrooming without Fear

by Alexander Schwab

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People love mushrooms. They want to pick them and eat them. but when they get home and try to check them, the fears crowd in. The reference books are vague. Too many dangerous look-alikes. Is the colour in that photograph exaggerated? A field mushroom suddenly seems worryingly like a Destroying Angel....the mushrooms are all discarded.

Here is a mushrooming guide with a totally new, positive approach. Forget all the other 500 species. You only need to know these twelve. And you need to know them fully, without a shadow of a doubt.

Alex Schwab's mushrooming rules are few but they are fixed rules. His key identification points leave no room for uncertainty. And he promises you these mushrooms will all taste delicious.

Mushrooming without fear for the first time.


183 Colour photographs, 4 Colour illustrations


Sep 08, 2022


About the Author:

Alexander Schwab grew up in Switzerland and was ­awarded a Masters Degree in philosophy and history at ­Aberdeen University. His main interests are all aspects of fishing, hunting and mushrooming. He now lives in New Zealand and when not mushrooming, fishing or hunting, he is thinking or writing about them.

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