My Friends who don't have Dogs

by Anna Levin

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In a pet dog you have your own personal trainer, your most loyal companion, your friendliest welcome, your uncritical friend.

Yes, there are the muddy paws, the walks in the rain, the wet fur and the chewed footwear ... but let's look at the big picture!

In a tribute to Man's Best Friend, Anna Levin's delightful short poem is a homage to our pet dogs, each line illustrated with a moving photograph of someone's mutt: funny, heart-wrenching, loving, exasperating and paying back their owners a hundred times over.


53 Colour photographs, 13 Black & white photographs


Sep 02, 2021


About the Author:

Anna Levin is a writer with a special interest in people's connections with the natural world. A former Section Editor with BBC Wildlife Magazine, she has worked for a range of publications and environmental organisations, and is a caption writer for the Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. Her books include Otters with photographer Laurie Campbell and Incandescent about the impact of artificial light.

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