Racing the Wind

by Patricia Nolan

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This powerful and beautifully-written account is the memoir of Patricia Nolan who lived in a tiny community in Cumbria and it captures the end of an era in the 1950s.

‘When the first organ-transplant was taking place, when computers were starting to revolutionise our lives and television was arriving in the sitting-rooms of Britain, in my house we were still dipping buckets into a stream to make a cup of tea and going to bed by candlelight,’ she writes.

The tale covers three years of the author’s life, made particularly vivid by a traumatic event which opens the book, but which goes on to depict a poor but close rural community with its village school, its annual country show, its Christmas celebrations and its local characters - all set against the dramatic back-drop of Scafell and the surrounding hills and moors on which she and her friends ran free.


21 Black & white photographs


Sep 05, 2019


About the Author:

Patricia Nolan, published poet and novelist, was born in Cumbria and attended her local village school of Boot before being awarded a scholarship to Keswick School. Her mother ran the little Boot post office.

Patricia's career was in teaching and she now lives in Belsize Park, London. She served as a Justice of the Peace for a decade at Willesden Magistrates Court.

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