Testament of a Trout Fisher

Testament of a Trout Fisher

by Laurence Catlow

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This book will be available to purchase on Sep 05, 2024

Laurence Catlow is considered one of the finest classical flyfishing writers of our times and here he explores the themes close to an angler’s heart:

* why catching two trout each time matters so much to him

* the experience of fishing in contrast to a day's shooting
* the melancholy appeal of autumn fishing
* the difference between holiday fishing and home fishing
* the secrets of a flytyer
* starting the season on the river
* big trout or little trout: why he prefers the latter
* why fishing is a lifelong joy
* fishing the mayfly

'The best flyfishing book to cross my desk this year, without a doubt. Catlow’s writing is easily accessible, simple English fused into passages that flow like a chalkstream glide, littered with lines that sit in the memory long after their page has turned.' Trout Fisherman, Jeffrey Prest, 4 January




Sep 05, 2024


About the Author:

Laurence Catlow writes about shooting and fishing for Trout & Salmon and Shooting Times. He is author of: Confessions of a Shooting, Fishing Man, Once a Flyfisher, Private Thoughts from a Small Shoot, That Strange Alchemy and The Healing Stream.

Laurence Catlow has a doctorate in Classics from Cambridge University and was head of Classics at Sedbergh School in Cumbria until his retirement. His interests include fishing, shooting, walking, red wine, religion and literature.

He lives in Brough, Cumbria.

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