That Strange Alchemy

by Laurence Catlow

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I need to start thinking like a shooter, for shooters and fishers, even though they are often the same person, think very differently.”

So writes author Laurence Catlow as his fishing season on the lonely northern rivers comes to an end, and he prepares for his next shooting season on his own small shoot on the edge of the Pennines.

Many sportsmen enjoy both shooting and fishing, and in That Strange Alchemy, Catlow examines 

• fishing and shooting memories and why they differ
• why both sports are so important to him
• the loss of his shooting dog and the undertaking of a new one
• best fishing days and how these differ from best shooting days
• the anxieties of running a guest shooting day
• fishing in middle age compared to in youth

Catlow writes with great wit, modesty and insight.


50 Black & white photographs


Sep 10, 2008


About the Author:

Laurence Catlow writes about shooting and fishing for Trout & Salmon and Shooting Times. He is author of: Confessions of a Shooting, Fishing Man, Once a Flyfisher, Private Thoughts from a Small Shoot, That Strange Alchemy and The Healing Stream.

Laurence Catlow has a doctorate in Classics from Cambridge University and was head of Classics at Sedbergh School in Cumbria until his retirement. His interests include fishing, shooting, walking, red wine, religion and literature.

He lives in Brough, Cumbria.

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