The Airgun Hunter's Year

by Ian Barnett

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From dawn to dusk throughout the seasons

From dawn to dusk throughout the seasons

You will not find a more experienced and enthusiastic airgun hunter than Ian Barnett who, in this new book, takes the reader on hunting forays to field, wood and farm in search of rabbits, squirrels, corvids, pigeons, rats.

As the year progresses, he describes the many tactics needed to pursue particular quarry, he offers countless technical tips, looks at the pros and cons of using certain airguns and pellets and offers some excellent recipes!

To read this is to discover the thrill and fascination of airgun hunting, enjoying the great outdoors from the depths of winter to high summer. 


213 Colour photographs


Mar 17, 2011


About the Author:

Ian Barnett is married and lives in Norfolk. He is a senior manager, specialising in environmental service delivery. His hobbies are airgun hunting, sometimes with his young son, and photography.

Ian writes regularly about his passion of 30 years, for Sporting Rifle, Airgun Shooter and Countryman's Weekly.

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