The BASC Gameshooter's Pocket Guide

by Michael Brook

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The Essential Handook for the Sporting Gun

**Please note this book is only available in ebook format**

• Wanting the latest BASC guidance?
• Sudden invitation to a shoot and feeling a bit rusty?
• New to shooting?
• Shooting a different species to your usual one?

The invaluable guide for everyone who shoots

It includes: up-to-date proofing law, game licences, despatch and carriage of game, shooting season dates.

And for the relative newcomer, much invaluable advice: what to expect from a shooting day, your responsibilities, usual shoot rules, dress code, shooting terms explained, gundog handling, gun safety, checklist of what to take, plus many sound tips on how to ensure an enjoyable sporting day for you and your fellow guns.


17 Black & white illustrations


May 30, 2017


About the Author:

Michael Brook is a retired cavalry officer whose limited career prospects tended to take second place to recreational activities, not least fieldsports and, in particular, gameshooting. He was introduced to shooting, as a small boy, by his grandfather.

He lives in North Yorkshire with his wife, Bridget.

He is keen to promote and preserve the true spirit of gameshooting.

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