To Everything a Season

by Charles Moseley

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To Everything a Season is a beautifully crafted personal and reflective account of many years of the changing seasons, from autumn  to autumn, in and around a village on the edge of the Cambridge Fenland. It is an uplifting reflection about change: what was, what is, what will be.

It is about the miracle of the rich gift of life. It is also about death, loss, and the rebirth of the old into something rich and strange.

But it is also a book suffused with a gentle humour, with a deep love and sympathy for our fellow creatures. Charles Moseley tackles what we have done to the world of which we are not owners or masters but stewards, not only for our children but for the whole web of life on which everything depends.    




Apr 28, 2022


About the Author:

Charles Moseley grew up on the Lancashire coast, went up to Cambridge to read English, and never left. His varied career includes being a printer, a publisher and a peasant, but has mainly been teaching literature in Cambridge and attempting to persuade his victims to take this pursuit seriously. He has lived in a little Fenland village for a very long time. He also writes books.

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