Training Your Puppy

by Fiona Baird

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The Essential Guide

Follow these simple instructions and your puppy should develop into a delightful, obedient and devoted member of your family. He will bring you great companionship and happiness for many years to come.

There are many puppy-training books available today, but none so clear and coherent as this one. There is a strong logic to Fiona Baird’s method which gives confidence to both owner and puppy. She makes training fun, simple and very straightforward.

Fiona Baird has trained countless puppies professionally, and has many devoted clients.

She truly is the Mary Poppins of puppy training.


46 Colour photographs, 6 Black & white illustrations


Mar 19, 2015


About the Author:

Fiona Baird grew up in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex surrounded by well-behaved Golden Retrievers which had been bred and gundog-trained by her mother. Fiona later trained her own first bitch (Killie) to become a successful competitor in field trials and has continued breeding and training professionally ever since.

Using her successful no-nonsense methods she has now trained over 25 different breeds from Beaucerons to Lhasa Apsos, mostly in basic discipline. She has also trained a large number of gundogs.

Today, she gives one-to-one lessons in training as well as assistance in correcting bad habits.

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