Vintage Guns

Vintage Guns

by Diggory Hadoke

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Collecting, Restoring & Shooting Classic Firearms

Old-fashioned shotguns are coming back into vogue. This book provides practical advice on buying the right gun for restoration. It describes the steps and potential pitfalls on the path to renovation so that the gun can be used and enjoyed.

Diggory Hadoke covers all aspects of collecting and restoring shotguns for use – on an affordable budget. It is written for the shooter rather than the engineer or historian, and covers the
subject in a lively, informative manner.

The author’s passion is for old guns and for their continued use in the field. He argues that the quality of craftsmanship in many old guns, as well as the sheer pleasure of handling them, makes them superior to the machine-made over/unders of the modern shooting field.

Topics covered include:

• buying vintage guns
• over & unders
• servicing & maintenance
• lightweight guns
• customising
• damascus/steel barrels
• safety considerations
• ribs/chokes
• barrels/locks/action/woodwork
• proofing
• sidelocks/boxlocks
• extensions/locking bolts
• ejectors
• operating levers
• single triggers
• gunstock issues
• bore sizes
• ammunition for vintage guns and much more


280 Colour photographs, 20 Black & white photographs


Thu, Sep 27, 2007


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