Wild Enthusiasm

by Steve Wright

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No need to travel halfway round the globe to spot iconic wildlife – it's right here on our doorstep in the UK and Steve Wright, keen amateur naturalist, travels from the Isle of Man to Norfolk, to the Orkneys, Northern Ireland and everywhere in-between on his various short holiday expeditions, clutching his specific wildlife wish-list for each trip. 

The result is an inspiring and engaging diary of his personal encounters with white-tailed eagles, otters, bottlenose dolphins, fulmars, puffins, osprey, sand lizards, even red-necked wallabies. And the characters he meets on the way. He hears snipe drumming, watches a shrew in Wales, admires pilot whales off Lewis. 

Steve's wildlife travel diaries give excellent practical tips, such as bird-hide etiquette, how to identify birds on the wing, how to consult local wildlife rangers about what might be spotted on each outing and where to find that species. 

But most importantly his highly-readable wildlife travels are a call to others to book themselves in to pubs and small hotels the length and breadth of Britain and follow his example, for a series of fun British wildlife safaris. 




Sep 08, 2022


About the Author:

Steve Wright lives on the Isle of Man where he works as the Tynwald Seneschal in the Manx parliament.

His passion is wildlife, although he retains sufficient enthusiasm for his interest in beer, his allotment and travel around the UK. 

He shares his love of flora and fauna by working in his spare time as a part-time professional Manx tour
guide and film-maker.

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