Woodland Wild Flowers

by Alan Waterman

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**Winner of the Woodland Book of the Year 2021**

Over 170 woodland flowers are illustrated and described here. The final section of the book explains how our woodlands have been shaped by our history, and gives a lively overview of how plants have adapted in order to thrive there, in various degrees of shade, acidity and moisture. 


Gardens Illustrated

Each profile is a cornucopia of detail describing key characteristics, wildlife benefits and habitat preference and lavishly illustrated with the author’s own photographs to help identification. An informative and knowledgeable guide which encourages us to truly engage with our forest ecosystems.

Living Woods Magazine

This is a useful book which gives the flower hunter an insight into the diversity of our natural environment and it encourages an appreciation of the rich biome of our wonderful woodlands.

Shropshire Star

Alan shines the spotlight on over 170 woodland flowers through the seasons, quite a few of which have been used medicinally for folk remedies, or have edible parts. A book which shows how woodlands have been shaped by human history and showcases their great glories, their wild flowers, for which many folk have ‘country names’.






200 Colour photographs


May 06, 2021


About the Author:

As director of a Field Study Centre, Alan Waterman has taken thousands of students and keen amateurs on woodland natural history walks. Woodland Wild Flowers represents his life’s work conveying the joy and fascination of our wild woodland plants to the general public. He lives on the edge of the Forest of Dean and manages a small deciduous woodland for wild flowers and botanical diversity.

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