End Peg

by Peter May

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**The authors royalties will be donated to Alzheimer's Research UK**

Match anglers are misunderstood people.

They are not antisocial loners who sit for hours on riverbanks not catching much and looking miserable.

As Peter May conveys in this captivating little book in which he competes in his local club’s 10 fishing matches throughout a season, there is excitement, there are cunning tactics, lasting friendships, highs and lows, unexpected challenges and surprising rewards.

He intertwines his fishing matches with his informed musings on bankside wildlife, which coarse fish we used to eat, superstitions and statistics, characteristics of different species, beginner’s luck, otters and more.





Jul 20, 2023


About the Author:

Peter May has two major hobbies: fishing and horseracing and has written acclaimed books on both subjects. He has a phD in artificial intelligence, has been a former professional gambler and represents his local angling club in competition matches.

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