A Countryman's Creel

by Conor Farrington

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The Remarkable, the Heart-rending, the Intriguing, the Almost Unbelievable Short Stories of Conor Farrington.

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A guest at a Scottish country estate is not all he seems; a solicitor with an addiction to point-to-point racing encounters a run of disastrous luck – but why is his close friend so pleased? A flyfisherman meets the disoriented Lady Anstey in a downpour and is drawn into a threatened world; and keen wildfowler Hugh McParland is enjoying his sport on the Norfolk coast when he joins a stranger on a pleasure boat and is embroiled in a game of high stakes. 

Here is a collection of 12 wonderful country-sports bedside stories by a talented new writer.

Recalling the spirit of the great ripping yarns of such writers as John Buchan and Rider Haggard, this book is designed to entertain all those interested in the great outdoors and in reading stirring and entertaining short stories. 

A Countryman’s Creel explores the British countryside in settings ranging from the Edwardian to the present day, exploring themes of enduring relevance for today. 



12 Black & white illustrations


Sep 15, 2011


About the Author:

Conor Farrington is a Research Associate at the University of Cambridge and a College Research Associate at Jesus College, Cambridge. Following post-graduate degrees in Political Theory and Philosophy and a PhD in Geography, he now specialises in public policy and medical sociology.

In addition to publications in academic journals such as The Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, he has written on literary and musical topics in The Times Literary Supplement, The Wall Street Journal and The Pianist magazine.

His interests include fishing, sailing and music.

Brought up in Aberdeenshire, he now lives in Cambridgeshire with his wife Claire.

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