Falling in Again

by Chris Yates

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Tales of an Incorrigible Angler

In this rich collection of angling tales, Chris Yates has paired together his experiences of carp, barbel, pike, roach, gudgeon, chub, even bass.

Within each pair of essays, the angling anecdotes mirror each other in strange and surprising ways.

Falling in Again finds Chris in search of a 'lost' carp lake, being mugged on the River Mole, and dangling breadcrust for chub from an overhanging tree, but throughout he is exploring the patterns of angling, the links between angling in boyhood and middle age.

These are tales of fishing in innocence and experience, in which the mysteries of angling remain greater than the man, whose destiny is to keep falling in again.


50 Black & white illustrations


Nov 01, 1998


About the Author:

Chris Yates has been a compulsive carp catcher from a very early age. He finds the fish infinitely fascinating and their pursuit closest to what Walton called ‘the contemplative recreation.’ Yet, despite the peacefulness and beauty of the carp lake, there is always a thrilling undercurrent of tension, that in a moment the peace will be shattered and the angler will find himself attached to a monster. It is this aspect of carp fishing that the author conveys to brilliantly.

In 1980, Chris Yates caught a carp of vast dimensions from Redmire Pool in Herefordshire. It weighed 51½lbs and for many years it was the largest carp caught in British waters on rod and line.

Yates is the author of several books, including Casting at the Sun (1986), The Deepening Pool (1990), and he is editor of the angling magazine Waterlog. When he is forced to lay down his rod, he pursues his profession as a freelance photographer whose work has appeared on record sleeves, magazines and books.

In 1993 he completed A Passion for Angling, a six-part BBC TV series and accompanying book, which told the story of his fishing adventures with his friends Bob James and Hugh Miles.

Chris Yates lives in a Wiltshire village, not far from some great carp lakes and the river Avon.


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