Fish Feel Pain!

by Alexander Schwab

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Fish feel pain is the battle cry of animal rights activists who would love to see a ban on recreational fishing and all use of fish by humans. Their claim is rooted in research purporting to demonstrate beyond doubt that fish and aquatic invertebrates are capable of experiencing pain.

The fish feel pain claim has gained traction over the last 20 years, and in many parts of the world legislation now recognises fish as ‘sentient’ beings, with some potentially dire and far-reaching consequences for the 3 billion
people worldwide whose livelihoods depend on fish and fishing.

This book puts the widely accepted dogma under the scientific, social and philosophical microscope. 

And its findings challenge the whole premise that fish feel pain.




Nov 23, 2023


About the Author:

Alexander Schwab grew up in Switzerland and was ­awarded a Masters Degree in philosophy and history at ­Aberdeen University. His main interests are all aspects of fishing, hunting and mushrooming. He now lives in New Zealand and when not mushrooming, fishing or hunting, he is thinking or writing about them.

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